Secret Market at Bed & Chic Hotel

bed & chic

If a hotel’s name is Bed & Chic, the most important expectation that people make on the basis of its name is probably its appearance. They likely expect it to be stylish, tasteful, maybe trendy, definitely not tacky.
The managers of the hotel Bed & Chic in Las Palmas de G.C. made their hotel meet these expectations and they went one step further by taking on another meaning of the word “chic” – they tied the image of their hotel to fashion. 16-17th May 2014 the hotel opened its unpretentious interiors to host local designers and manufacturers of fashion, as well as distributors of outside firms to present their offer.

Sí, el nombre del hotel es Bed & Chic (Cama y Chic), al oír su nombre la gente tiene muchas expectativas sobre su aspecto. Se espera que el hotel sea elegante, de buen gusto, tal vez moderno.
Los gerentes del hotel Bed & Chic en Las Palmas de G.C. cumplieron con todas estas expectativas y dieron un paso más allá mediante la adopción de la palabra fashionista “chic” – equipararon la imagen de su hotel a la moda.
El 16-17 de mayo de 2014 el hotel abrió sus discretos y modernos interiores para acoger a los diseñadores de moda, locales, así como distribuidores de alguna de las firmas de fuera para que pudieran presentar su oferta.

bed & chic

Isn’t it a novel way of presenting fashion?
¿No es una forma innovadora y diferente de presentar la moda?


bed & chic Alter Ego

Alter Ego with probably the coolest shirts in Gran Canaria.

bed & chic rosa la cave 1

Rosa la Cave‘s kidswear is like jewels for the children!

bed & chic rosa la cave 2

bed & chic

STREET STYLE ALERT! Diana from Isabeletta, sporting Arcadio Dominguez‘ skirt with his flagship pattern – the ballerinas.

bed & chic 3 por ti

Naira and Jennifer from 3 por Ti.

bed & chic 3 por ti bed & chic 3 por ti

bed & chic

bed & chic

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