Secret Market at Bed & Chic Hotel, part 2

In this post I would like to single out two brands which presented themselves at the Secret Market in Bed & Chic.
The first one is Coreblue; I adored especially their beautiful garments but they also offer accessories.

En este post querria destacar a dos marcas que se presentaron en el Secret Market en Bed & Chic.
La primera es Coreblue. Me gustaron sobre todo sus preciosas prendas , pero la firma ofrece accesorios también.

coreblue modacoreblue modacoreblue modacoreblue moda

The headpiece worn by the designer from Coreblue drew my attention to another brand, Perreta.

La diadema-turbante, que la diseñadora de Coreblue lleva puesto en las fotos, dirigió mi atención hacia otra marca – Perreta.

coreblue moda

perreta gran canaria


You can see two photos of a specific kind of belts made by Perreta in and older post here.

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