Long time no see… For a re-start, Giuliana, spotted at the the event Fashion&Fraiends 2014.

F&F street style 1

F&F street style 3

F&F street style 2

Fashion & Friends 2014: this year fashion in Gran Canaria had 30 000 friends. Yes! 30 000 people visited the event over its 3 days course. Congratulations!
fashion&friends 2014




Yoya is working at the organisation of Gran Canaria Fashion and Friends. She bought her outfit at the shop Nelles Corner in Las Palmas, you can see their stand in my previous post.

Yoya esta trabajando en la organización del Gran Canaria Fashion and Friends. Compró su ensemble en la tienda Nelles Corner en Las Palmas, podéis ver el stand de la tienda en mi último post.