Fayna Padrón, una de las diseńadoras de la joven marca canaria “LAUT”.

Fayna Padrón, one of the designers of the budding Canarian brand, “LAUT”.

laut street style

laut street style

laut street style

laut street style

fashion&friends 2014



Long time no see… For a re-start, Giuliana, spotted at the the event Fashion&Fraiends 2014.

F&F street style 1

F&F street style 3

F&F street style 2

Fashion & Friends 2014: this year fashion in Gran Canaria had 30 000 friends. Yes! 30 000 people visited the event over its 3 days course. Congratulations!
fashion&friends 2014

Mónica y Carlos

Guccisima GCMC 2014

Probably the most stylish couple in Gran Canaria. Mónica is a stylist, image advisor, personal shopper and fashion blogger from Gran Canaria. If you’d like to see more of her looks, try her blog: blogsocute.com.
She sported this ivory suite by Aurelia Gil to the 3rd day of Swimwear Fashion Week in Gran Canaria.

Probablemente la pareja mas estilosa se Gran Canaria. Mónica es estilista, asesora de imagen, personal shopper y creadora del blog ‘So cute‘ by Guccisima. Mónica lució este conjunto de Aurelia Gil para la tercera jornada de Swimwear Fashion Week en Gran Canaria

Guccisima GCMC 2014

Guccisima GCMC 2014

Maria & Davinia

gran canaria street style gran canaria street style

At “The Secret Market” thsese stylish ladies presented to us The Showroom Mag – a free quarterly magazine with various content, mainly lifestyle.
If you want to have a look at the current issue, you can download it here: http://www.theshowroommag.com/pdf/theshowroommag_009.pdf. It is only in Spanish but there are some good photos in it, so it’s worth having a look.

Estas fashionistas nos presentaron durante el “Secret Market” The Showroom Mag – una revista (gratuita!) trimestral con un variado contenido, sobre todo el lifestyle.
Si quieres echar vista al número actual, puedes descargarlo aquí: http://www.theshowroommag.com/pdf/theshowroommag_009.pdf

the showroom mag 2

We’re running into the gals again in the queue leading up to the terrace, and on the terrace… you will find out in the next post!
Otra vez encontramos a las chicas en la cola hacia la terraza. Y sobre la terraza… en el próximo post!

street style gran canaria

Secret Market at Bed & Chic Hotel, part 2

In this post I would like to single out two brands which presented themselves at the Secret Market in Bed & Chic.
The first one is Coreblue; I adored especially their beautiful garments but they also offer accessories.

En este post querria destacar a dos marcas que se presentaron en el Secret Market en Bed & Chic.
La primera es Coreblue. Me gustaron sobre todo sus preciosas prendas , pero la firma ofrece accesorios también.

coreblue modacoreblue modacoreblue modacoreblue moda

The headpiece worn by the designer from Coreblue drew my attention to another brand, Perreta.

La diadema-turbante, que la diseñadora de Coreblue lleva puesto en las fotos, dirigió mi atención hacia otra marca – Perreta.

coreblue moda

perreta gran canaria


You can see two photos of a specific kind of belts made by Perreta in and older post here.

Secret Market at Bed & Chic Hotel

bed & chic

If a hotel’s name is Bed & Chic, the most important expectation that people make on the basis of its name is probably its appearance. They likely expect it to be stylish, tasteful, maybe trendy, definitely not tacky.
The managers of the hotel Bed & Chic in Las Palmas de G.C. made their hotel meet these expectations and they went one step further by taking on another meaning of the word “chic” – they tied the image of their hotel to fashion. 16-17th May 2014 the hotel opened its unpretentious interiors to host local designers and manufacturers of fashion, as well as distributors of outside firms to present their offer.

Sí, el nombre del hotel es Bed & Chic (Cama y Chic), al oír su nombre la gente tiene muchas expectativas sobre su aspecto. Se espera que el hotel sea elegante, de buen gusto, tal vez moderno.
Los gerentes del hotel Bed & Chic en Las Palmas de G.C. cumplieron con todas estas expectativas y dieron un paso más allá mediante la adopción de la palabra fashionista “chic” – equipararon la imagen de su hotel a la moda.
El 16-17 de mayo de 2014 el hotel abrió sus discretos y modernos interiores para acoger a los diseñadores de moda, locales, así como distribuidores de alguna de las firmas de fuera para que pudieran presentar su oferta.

bed & chic

Isn’t it a novel way of presenting fashion?
¿No es una forma innovadora y diferente de presentar la moda?


bed & chic Alter Ego

Alter Ego with probably the coolest shirts in Gran Canaria.

bed & chic rosa la cave 1

Rosa la Cave‘s kidswear is like jewels for the children!

bed & chic rosa la cave 2

bed & chic

STREET STYLE ALERT! Diana from Isabeletta, sporting Arcadio Dominguez‘ skirt with his flagship pattern – the ballerinas.

bed & chic 3 por ti

Naira and Jennifer from 3 por Ti.

bed & chic 3 por ti bed & chic 3 por ti

bed & chic

bed & chic

Miriam III

Second look from the Secret Market in Bed & Chic Hotel in Las Palmas. Miriam is quite a popular name here, the lovely girl in this post is the third Miriam in our blog, hence the title.

El segundo look de Secret Market en Bed & Chic Hotel en Las Palmas. Miriam en un nobre bastante común aquí, la guapa en este post es la tercera Miriam en nuestro blog, de ahí el título.

gran canaria street style

gran canaria street style

gran canaria street style

Ismael at Bed & Chic Hotel

If you follow me on Twitter ( @GranCanStyle ) you could see yesterday that I was going to a fashion event which is taking place at Bed & Chic Hotel in Las Palmas de G.C., in Calle General Vives, at Plaza Santa Catalina. If you’re around, you can still drop by, it closes on Saturday at 23 o’clock. Here’s a link with more information: http://bedandchic.com/en/news/. I’m going to write little by little about the event in the upcoming posts (and there’s going to be quite a few of them!).
For now, I’m leaving you with Ismael, who was the porter there.

hotel las palmas

Si me seguís en Twitter ( @GranCanStyle), ayer pudisteis ver que iba a ir a un evento de moda que tiene lugar estos días en el hotel Bed & Chic en Las Palmas de G.C., en Calle General Vives. Si estáis en la zona, hoy todavía podéis pasar por ahí, como el evento cierra el sábado a las 23 horas. Aquí tenéis un link con más información: http://bedandchic.com/en/news/. Voy a escribir poco a poco sobre el evento en los posts venideros.
Por ahora, os dejo con Ismael, quien estaba de portero ahí.